Streaming Event Production

Virtual Live Event Streaming

Unlock the full potential of your virtual events with Target Stream Media. We want to be your trusted partner in delivering seamless virtual event experiences. Whether you’re hosting a small private webinar session or engaging a broad global conference with a large audience, our turn-key virtual event and streaming services are designed to elevate your online presence. Streaming and Live video isn’t just a passing trend; it’s at the core of every enterprise communication strategy. If you’re planning a streaming event, Target Stream Media can help you instill the edge you need to stand out.

The dynamic nature of video storytelling has a magnetic pull, drawing users in and keeping them engaged for a longer duration. Especially in a “Live” setting, its ability to convey emotions, share narratives, and showcase products/ services in action makes it a quintessential tool for brands aiming to create a lasting impact. We are committed to making your virtual event a success, providing production services, technical support, and guidance throughout the entire process.

We are Streaming Platform Agnostic

The Platform

We are platform agnostic and can support your streaming efforts on which ever video streaming service you may choose. We can also provide complete turn-key streaming platform support as part of your package. With our specialized expertise in delivering live audio and video for virtual and hybrid events, we can help you stand out from the competition delivering seamless support for your events.

On Site or Virtual Production

Target Stream Media, can turn-key all the elements of your webcast, from capturing the actual event using one or multiple camera sets, to encoding and hosting or on your webcasting and video management platform, and publishing points. We are also experienced in working in hybrid or completely virtual production environments with presenters dispersed globally. Our expertise in all these scenarios means you can focus on delivering an amazing event, while we take care of the technical details.

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Customized Virtual Environments

Tailor your virtual spaces and conference landing pages to align with your brand identity. Our team creates bespoke virtual and web environments that showcase your event with a distinctive and captivating visual appeal.

Hybrid Event Expertise

Hybrid events offer a unique blend of in-person and virtual experiences, requiring careful planning and seamless execution. Hybrid events can be complicated and take on many forms. Target Stream Media can seamlessly blend in-person and virtual experiences. Reach a global audience while maintaining the dynamic engagement of traditional events.

Interactive Features for Engagement

No matter the platform our producers understand the importance of audience engagement in virtual event execution. We understand how to foster audience interaction with interactive features, including live Q&A sessions, polls, and networking opportunities. We understand the importance of keeping participants engaged and invested throughout the event.

From pre event planning to post-event analytics, Target Stream Media Inc. provides comprehensive virtual and hybrid event management services. Our team handles every detail, allowing you to focus on delivering compelling content. Receive dedicated support from our team of experts. We are committed to making your virtual event a success, providing production, technical support, troubleshooting, and guidance throughout the entire process.

At Target Stream Media , we collaborate with clients to create the best possible experience for their audiences. We believe that a successful event requires creativity, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of your audience and goals. That’s why we take a collaborative and consultative approach to every project. We work closely with our clients to design, plan, and execute events that deliver results.

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Streaming events benefit organizations in many ways. They help build brand awareness, bring customers and prospects together to network and share ideas. Many enterprises have come to the realization that they can significantly expand the reach of their messaging and marketing by adding streaming to their event repertiore. In addition to physically getting together they can stream the event and achieve significant return on that investment.

Incorporating best practices is key to ensuring these events cater to both physical and online audiences effectively. Here are some key best practices.


After you finish reading the guide. Let us know if you need help implementing these principles in your business.